Gamification is a big buzz right now; it aims to induce people do things by making tasks more fun and a bit competitive. Within Passle it works incredibly well; running a competition within an organisation incentivises the participants to create six times more content.

Actually, a bit over six times, a 618% increase!

The graph below shows the frequency of posts from an accountancy firm and the times when a “league table” was circulated by email. It pretty much speaks for itself.

The thing is, with Passle, you have multiple contributors who are all able to publish content rapidly. As a result, you can award “points” for the behaviours you want to promote. Each of these points earns towards a prize over time.

Retain the element of chance by awarding a raffle tickets for each, say, two hundred points. The tickets are entered into a prize draw. Points do not result in an out-right win, they just increase the chance of winning. This has the effect that even poor performers have a small but nonetheless real chance they might win (it is after all a lottery) so they remain engaged right up until the draw.

If you'd like to learn more, contact . We'll get you set up and email you a “League Table” each day so the participants can compare notes and decide how they're going to win the prize.

Top Tip: organise people into teams to make the competition more collaborative. It creates a talking-point for the participants and is really good fun!