In a story of unimaginable tragedy but also incredible heroism, Liberia has just emerged from the worst Ebola outbreak in history, and has just been declared Ebola-free, after more than 42 days (twice the incubation period of the deadly virus) without a new case being reported.

The virus killed nearly 5000 people in Liberia - more than in any other country in the world. Though schools in Liberia have reopened, the classrooms are not full: many children having either started working or turned to the streets, suddenly finding themselves heads of their households. The human and economic tragedy of the outbreak has been (and continues to be) immense, especially for a poor country still reeling from a devastating civil war.

Yet though Liberia has been declared Ebola-free, outbreaks continue in neighbouring Guinea and Sierra Leone, so the risk remains high that infected people could re-enter the country. Indeed, as MSF (Médecins Sans Frontières) noted: the Ebola crisis will not be over for any one nation until the virus has been eradicated everywhere.