Elon Musk has mass-produced an affordable electric car (the Telsa); co-founded PayPal; and launched commercial spacecraft. The engineer, serial entrepreneur, and inventor’s next big announcement is tipped to be a superbattery: a cheap battery with the capacity to power your whole home. Power to the People!

The announcement of his next big product is set for April 30th. The ‘superbattery’ is likely to build on the packs used in Tesla’s range of electric cars. Toyota already uses a hydrogen fuel cell in its Mirai car that can be removed from the car to also power up a home.

The visionary Musk has set his vision and focus on solving the problem of storing electricity efficiently, as well as cost-effectively. The whole world is dependent on electricity, but sorely lacks super-capacity and affordable battery technology.

Can Musk and his innovative engineers make inroads to meeting the world’s energy needs by generating electricity without burning more pollutant fossil fuels (or without building nuclear stations)?

Renewable energy technologies are constantly improving and reaching cost parity with dirty fossil fuels. However renewable sources - like wind, solar, and tidal energies - have variable outputs and cannot offer stable electrical supply.

If Musk’s superbattery can store the power that flows from renewables then it would be a monumental game-changer for cutting emissions and weening society off unsustainable, finite fossil fuels.